Astronudes Blog decelerating galaxies

supernova project and acceleration of the universe

The drawing in this blog entry shows different cosmological theories, and their prediction for the  development of the universe.  the Big Crunch or the critical universe seem to be the more logical.Both show a reducing expansion speed since Big Bang and don't require weird unproven concepts of dark energy which seem to be like the ptolemeic epicycles, even for supporters of the accelerating universe(  see Saul Perlmutter last page)

link to the graph where also the different theories are presented.


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18.03 | 20:46

Now I understand

25.06 | 20:02

I like your mobile website too

18.06 | 22:06

I have never dared to try my 6inch newton on an astrotrac mount. Now I will do too.
Thanks for your efforts

14.06 | 13:05

I simply Love the Astronudes
My favorite is the one with Antares

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