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A little speculation upon a steady universe with Big Bang creating matter, let's call it the SBBU(the steady Big Bang universe):
under the assumption that the universe was always there and only subsequently after Big Bang, has filled with matter forming stars and galaxies, the first stage of the inflationary universe expanding with speed more than light speed cannot exist due to Einsteins relativity theory preventing matter moving at the speed of light.Not the Universe Is expanding but matter Is expanding in a steady universe
So one could not explain that galaxies can be monitored so far away from us at distances up to 13billion lightyears when Big Bang is said to be only 13,6 billion years back in time!!
That would mean that the creation of matter at the Big Bang must have occurred much earlier in time in order to give the galaxies time to expand to their observed positions!
With the universe having been always there, Hubbles Law explaining the Universe as an ever expanding balloon with galaxies subsequently farer away from us moving at ever faster speed away from us does not hold true any longer.
Consequences of the SBBU:
1)According to the supernova cosmology project, the further we look in the past the faster galaxies are speeding away however with a degressive factor, that would mean galaxies are decelerating, maybe matter started to expand at a speed close to speed of light at Big Bang and has since then slowed down when forming complex structures like stars and galaxies.So no explanatory concept of dark energy is required!
2)As the Big Bang under SBBU must have occurred much further in the past, formation of complex structures could be explained without the explanatory concept of never observed dark matter! There was enough time for formation under known gravitational law!
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What, if the universe was always there and has been  only subsequently filled with materia created at big bang. So Hubbles law does not apply because the universe itself does not expand at all but only the materia and galaxies are moving in the Universe and the only thing we can say is that the speed of galaxies away from us has reduced over time?! Maybe thats a weird idea too, but not weirder than dark energy and never ending acceleration thus  contradicting relativity theory as it must lead in the future to speeds faster than light breaking up all ties of gravitiation, light and information between the galaxies in our Universe!

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The discussion about dark energy and the acclerating universe reminds me to the Prolemeic epicycles.

very complicated,  helps to explain something which otherwise couldn't be explained in the framework of the wrong concept. At that time it was the wrong geocentric theory, now it's the wrong idea of an accelerating universe.


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Dr Andrew P.

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